A School Office conversation to have?

With what seems like more documentation and reporting requirements every year, log entries are vital not only for CYA documentation purposes, but for incidences when a timeline needs to be reconstructed. PowerSchool Admin can make this second part easier if Lot Types and Log Sub-Types are used with every log entry. This way a quick export can give you just what you might be looking for Student Discipline, Attendance, Counseling, Health, etc.

However, did you know Teacher log entries from the PowerTeacher portal does not have the capability for type and sub-type classification in entries. Every time a teacher submits it, it goes in without a classification. That’s why 62% of the current log entries have no Type or Sub-types entries. This sure makes AZ Safe reports a lot harder at the end of the year, and make any type of school wide analysis on what Teachers are experiencing a multi-day project.

Luckily, every time one of these Teacher generated log entries is made, a copy is emailed to the Principal’s designated personal. Perhaps, one of these people should be updating the type and sub-type in PowerSchool. This work up front would pay dividends down the road, and also make sure some valuable teacher issues are not getting lost in the email clutter.

Perhaps this is a conversation to have at your next Office meeting with your Principal and/or Vice Principal?