An Edkey Course Catalog for 2015-16

The latest revision of an Edkey Course Catalog for 2015-16 has been uploaded to the Enrolling and Scheduling section. It is group by credit type with the exception of college courses being taken either online or off site. In these college cases you will find the credit type to the right of where the ‘State Name’ would normally be.

Each course has a section that shows the school(s) the course was used at during this school year. With the exception of college courses, the preference is to totally remove courses not showing any enrollments at any of our schools. If there is a course that does not show being used at your school, but you feel that it should be kept for the future, please let me know. Otherwise, I will plan to remove it.

Are there courses that do not show available at your school? First check that an alternate course (same State Number) is not showing for your school, then let me know. In Secondary, a couple schools use semester terms when a full term on the subject is one year. Y=Year; S=Semester, H=Honors, at the end of High School course numbers.

Course Level and Instruction (Instructional Setting) are a couple of the new fields required for AZ STC. If you see something not right, please let me know. If there is any course being taught outside these parameters, we need to create a new course, e.g. an online course has a different course number because it has a different instructional setting; a college course might have a course level characteristic of “High School Equivalent”, not college level. A Course request form will be out within the next few days, and as we need new courses, this form will help guide you to what is now to be included per the ADE. After July 1st, once a new course is created, it is immediately available for State review..

Since the catalog is 520 pages, please do not print the whole thing. You can quickly get to a credit type by searching (‘Ctrl-F’) and typing the credit type name description, i.e. English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Technology, Electives, No Credit. College courses are different, I grouped them all under “CL”(Search by “College Classes”, and you can find the credit type to the right of where the AZ Title is supposed to be.

Lastly, while review of this catalog is not required, I will be setting up PowerSchool courses for each school in the coming weeks. Your scheduling will go much smoother if only the correct courses for your school are available at your school. While student enrollment into these courses cannot happen to after rollover, the courses themselves can be setup and ready to go. The new numbering and course were forced out to you last year at the last minute due to time constraints, hopefully you have time now to get your courses the way you want them.

Please let me know what changes you would like! I appreciate feedback.