Attendance Codes for 2015-16?

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” John F. Kennedy

Below is a draft of Attendance Codes that we will be jailed with next year.  Please feel free to comment and suggest modifications (except AZDL).

Used by All Presence Teacher Assign (custom by school) Counts ADA
A Marked absent by Teacher – Reason to be investigated Absence Yes Yes
AU Unexcused Absence, i.e. without proper notification Absence Yes
AE Excused Absence, i.e. notified by proper authority (parent, etc.) Absence Yes
AI Ilness with Doctor’s verification (also used for extended Absence Yes
T Tardy (Less than 30 minutes) Present Yes
Present Present Yes
Optional use by school
B Bus delay Present Yes
D Ditch Absence Yes
F Field Trip Present Yes
I In-School Suspension Present Yes
L Legal (Court Date, Detention, Juvie) Absence Yes
M Missing – Reported as missing by guardian Absence Yes
O Out of Class on permission Present Yes
N SNow / RaiN day (Day cancelled or made optional by Administration, but was originaaly a school day on calendar) Absence Yes
R Religion (Religious Holiday) Absence Yes
S Suspended (Not in School) Absence Yes Yes
TE Tardy in the extreme (30 – 90 minutes) Present