Bus Route and Bus Stop Information now available in both PowerSchool and SchoolMessenger!

For those schools with provided transportation, you can now notify parents when the bus is delayed, find a student’s bus stop, or get a list of students who travel on a certain route. That, and many more possibilities, can now be found in either PowerSchool or School Messenger. In PowerSchool, go to the student pages, then custom pages, then select your school. Morning and Afternoon transportation is now listed. If a student uses more than one route or stop, then all routes and stops for that student will be named. In School Messenger, a route broadcast will go to whoever may use this route. They are four fields to choose from: Morning routes and stops, Afternoon routes and stops. Create your own SM list for your specific need. Get with your local dispatch group in transportation, and work out the communication details. Remember the data is only as good as it is maintained!!