Students without Civil Rights

It’s a biennial collection year (15-16) for the national Civil Rights Data Collection (more commonly know as “CRDC”)!
We hope to make things easier on the schools by having PowerSchool complete most of the report instead of each district having to have a not-so-lucky person spend days upon days pulling the information together. To make this happen, we need to make sure the information is being entered as part of the daily routine!
You know ethnicity is reported, so make sure it’s correct. You know they want to know about Math and Science courses, and PS will do that automatically. But, did you know AP courses and Sped counts are reported! Also 504’s, SAT’s, ACT’s, and Parent withdrawals from ELL program, now need to be entered into PowerSchool!!! Don’t know how, give us a call? Extensions 10614 or 10651.