Elementary Attendance Improvement

Update to the ‘Teacher Attendance Submission Status‘ PS screen (Start Page > Attendance > Teacher Attendance > Submission Status) for those who take attendance through AM and PM Attendance Courses. This screen is suppose to be color coded as a quick reference to who, and who did not, complete taking attendance on a given day. However, since some schools do not use this method, the elementary courses were left open for taking attendance from within each individual course (Math, English, etc.). The schools who use the AM and PM method have had their sections updated so that taking attendance via these other courses is not available. This allows the color coding to work properly: Green indicates both AM and PM attendance was completed for that teacher; Orange = only one attendance was taken; and Red = no attendance for that day has been taken by that teacher. You will also notice the chair faded out on the teacher schedule when the taking of attendance is not to be done.