End of Year Withdrawals

With rollover season upon us, I would like to clarify about any 2014-15 year students who have indicated they do not plan on coming back to any Edkey School next year.  If said student completed the end of year with one of our schools, do not withdraw them yet!  After rollover is complete, toward the end of this month, you can then withdraw them as a summer withdraw, S1, S4, etc..  This will ensure they are properly promoted or retained with the State, and the next school will receive accurate information.  If the student withdraws before the last day of the school’s calendar (still school for Choice AZDL), then the normal withdraw procedure should be followed.

If requested for a copy of the withdraw form for a summer withdraw, just remember to fill it out with the appropriate “S” code and with the exit date being the first day of the 2015-16 year.  Once we have all completed rollover, I will let you know that summer withdraws can then be entered into PowerSchool.