Errors at ADE caused by Entry Codes and Exiting Students

After the beginning of the year, just about the only time you’re going to have a student be an E3 is if they’re coming from private/parochial school.

If a student is coming to you having already started school somewhere else this school year, here are the likely scenarios:
• Kids coming from other districts will be E4.
• Kids coming from another school in your LEA (ie. Pathfinder to Pathfinder or Choice to Choice) will be E5.
• Kids coming from out of state will be E6 – and the dropdown on the SAIS Enrollment Information page needs to be changed from Arizona to the appropriate state.
• Kids coming from being home schooled will be E11.
• Kids who were W1 *from your school* *this school year* will be R1.
• Kids who were W1 *from another Edkey school* *this school year* will be E4 or E5.
• Kids who were W1 *from your school* *in a previous school year* will be E4 (E5, E6, E11, etc.)

We had a bunch of kids with errors at ADE, and the thing they had in common was starting after the beginning of the year and being given an entry code of E3.

As I have found them, I’ve changed them to E4.

The other thing that is causing error messages at the state is when a student has one or more unexcused absences for his last day(s) of membership.

Our funding is based on membership, and the state business rules require that membership ends on the student’s last date of attendance (or excused absence).

Because PowerSchool has to send up all the absences it holds, and because the business rules state that the student cannot have an unexcused absence on the last day of membership unless that is the last day school is in session, we can’t use PowerSchool to hold the record that the student had unexcused absences at the end of his membership.

Consequently, here’s what we need to do to keep track of those “end of membership” unexcused absences:
• Print meeting attendance including absences at end of membership
• Clear the “trailing absences” (unexcused absences after the last day the student was present at least half the day)
• Functions – Transfer Out of School – Exit date in PS will be the day after the last day the student was present at least half the day
• Keep the attendance in the cumulative file with the WD form; give a copy of the attendance and the WD form to the parent for the next school

Wow, this was wordy – and it doesn’t reflect all the things you as a group are doing right, day after day.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our kids!