Finding “your” Graduates

With the creation of ‘’ last summer, all the individual District’s ‘Graduated School’ (10) were combined into one. Some have opined that you need a way to get just “your” school’s students out of the combined ‘Graduated School’. Since this was an afterthought after the conversion, and transfer records are a bit tricky, previous school history is on about 95% of these students. These relative few missing a previous school name are mostly older students that were copied into multiple districts (and possible defunct schools), and reviewing their transfer records can still be used to back-track a specific student.

Over the years, students that did not graduate have also been migrated into the “Graduated School”, and therefore, if necessary, you will need to verity that the student is a graduate via their historical credits.

It’s also the first use of new schema, User Defined Extensions, that all custom fields will eventually have to be updated too (old custom fields to be obsoleted in a future PowerSchool Release (TBD)). Under ‘Graduated Students’ start page, you can search as follows.

Examples, ‘/U_Students_Extension.PreviousSchool =AZDL@’ or ‘/U_Students_Extension.PreviousSchool=SPA@’

The “@” is a wildcard symbol so it will include all records that start with that acronym. I have added the enroll status to the end, so something like SCS-3 should only give you HS graduates from Sequoia Secondary. However, due to the way previous years had to be “imported”, this enroll status code will only be accurate for future years hence.