HS AIMS Scores

11/26/2014 Update:

While last year High School AIMS results have been in Powerschool (PS) for a couple weeks, previous year results have happened mostly this week.  With Pathway Secondary (SPA), Sequoia Secondary (SCS-S), and Sequoia Choice (includ. Star and Choice Village) completed as of this writing, only American Heritage and ACAA remain.

REGISTRARS:  This brings another conformity issue among schools.  So that Transcripts print correctly, the fields under AIMS test need to follow the following format:

Number: Adjusted Score (same as before)

Percent:  Put the AIMS FAME NUMBER  1=Fall Falls Below, 2=Approaches, 3=Meets, 4=Exceeds (Same for many)

Alpha: List either Fall or Spring, and then the year, e.g. Spring 2014 or Fall 2009 (this is new to everyone)

With the addition of Schoolnet, the current plan is to only bring in High School AIMS scores because they are needed for the printing of transcripts.  Schoolnet will be the new depository for other testing, such as SAT, ACT, Dibels, 3-8 AIMS, etc.  The new AZMERIT test (replacing AIMS) for High School students will need to be uploaded into both systems.