Perfect Attendance is truly a Special Function

Heading into the end of the year and you want to get recognition out to deserving students?  Or, someone asks for a list of students with Perfect Attendance, and you’ve looked under both Attendance and System Reports only to be disappointed.  In it’s infinite wisdom, PowerSchool does have a quick way to get this information, but you have to go to “Special Functions”, that’s Start Page > Functions > Special Functions > Search for Perfect Attendance.  Remember, to put in the Attendance codes you want to be disregarded.  Talk internally, does chronically tardy students get included (remember those who leave a little early are not getting dinged in PS)?  Should a suspended student be considered?

Also, a couple other handy search functions are under Special Functions.  It’s easy to forget they are there, especially when the sudden I-need-it-now request comes in.