School Messenger Phone Calls

Ever hear of someone getting an email or text (SMS) when you thought you only sent a “Phone” broadcast in SchoolMessenger? The “General” broadcast along with the Emergency broadcast types, have a template that goes out automatically to SMS and Email whenever a phone broadcast is made. It doesn’t work the other way around. If you only send out an email, or only send out a SMS, a phone call template will not go out. When a template goes out, it notifies and links the recipient to the phone message. The SMS and Email templates do not reference how important the message is no matter the type of message (General, Emergency, etc.). Therefore, you might get responses like “your “bake sale” text message interrupted an important meeting because I thought the text was important”, or “I didn’t find out about the school emergency until I finally finished my meeting. I stopped checking the texts because they are never important”. While you can never win, there is now a Broadcast Type called “Phone Only” available, “Phone Only” will call both Mother and Father’s home phone, cell phone, and student’s home phone (if different). If you want a custom broadcast type that will often be used, please put in a tech ticket so that we can make it happen.