The Storing (locking) of Grades

Final grades must be “stored”, some people like to say “locked”, for progress and report cards.  During the term the quick lookup and a printed report card may be set to show the “current” grade from the teacher’s gradebook, but this is made final/historical once the report cards for the term are compiled.  Therefore, a request should be made to “Permanently Store grades” via the tech ticket system (NEW) giving a specific data and time when grades can be stored (i.e. shortly after the teacher’s cut-off time from the Principal).

Grades can be re-stored after this is first done, however it over writes all grades for the current term (the stored term).  Therefore, we should strive not to re-store grades after report cards have been sent as it would be possible for a teacher to make a change in their gradebook that would not match the printed report card. In the event an approved correction after report cards have been sent is necessary, that student or course can be re-stored separately and then a new report card printed. Another tech ticket should be used for these cases.

In the event a tech ticket has not been received with a date and time for storing grades, the grades will be stored on the second day of the new term, or one week after end of the school year, whichever is first. If grades are submitted or changed after this occurs, a ticket will be necessary to request a re-storing of grades.