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Arizona Charter Schools

Sequoia Charter Schools, Where Every Child Is Known

Here at Sequoia Charter Schools, we believe in providing every single student with the tools and individual treatment they need to develop. We focus our schools and your child’s educational experience based on the specific interests and needs of our students. As part of our goal of providing a holistic education, we provide a broad range of services that are based on allowing your child to continue to grow in their academic pursuits. We show our students how to live a sustainable life, from growing gardens for nutritious meals to supporting leadership skills and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. If you are looking for a school that works families to provide an environment where children can grow into the best person they can be, call (480) 461-3200 to find out more.

Sequoia Charter Schools provides unparalleled education:

  • Individualized curriculum for each student
  • Highly involved in community service
  • High academic achievement among students
  • Excellent college enrollment rates

We Take Your Child’s Needs to Heart

While many schools see children simply as their chore or job to manage, we are focused on meeting the needs of each individual child and helping them. Everyone at Sequoia Charter Schools is focused on being courteous and kind to all people all the time. This includes our communications, aimed at reducing bullying and developing self-confidence.

We believe in transparent communication and strive to achieve a well-rounded academic life for our students. Our communication with families goes well beyond academics. We rise to the challenges that families may encounter in day-to-day experiences to support the development of your child. We are non-profit, which gives us the flexibility to meet the needs of our families to help provide a positive environment for everyone at the school.

Learn more about a comprehensive and holistic education, call Sequoia Charter Schools today at (480) 461-3200.

Our Core Values

  1. We Lead by Agreement
  2. We Continually Strive for Excellence
  3. We Know Every Child & Meet Their Needs
  4. We Respect, are Kind and Courteous to All People

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